Motorcycle show and the upcomping 2013 season...

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    With the bike show only days away, great race dates and the start of the season drawing closer and closer it is time for an announcement...

    Tony and I would like to thank Western Powersports (Desi and Marq) for continuing to support us in motorcycle road racing in the upcoming 2013 season. We are proud to be part of their road racing team along with our team mate Wayne Lowen.

    For those of you that don’t know, Western Powersports supports an all encompassing race program in the Lower Mainland that includes road racing, motocross and mini bike racing. In addition to supporting racers, Desi does a weekly radio show with John McComb on Thursdays on CKNW where he promotes among other things, our WMRC race events. Next week he will be a featured guest on Breakfast Television where he, as he put it today, “will try to promote motorcycle racing in the Lower Mainland as much as possible”.

    We would also like to thank Yamaha Canada (Josh) who today announced their support for the Western Powersports race program.

    If you happen to be at the motorcycle show, please take 30 seconds of your time and stop by the Yamaha and/or the Western Powersports booth introduce yourself and let them know that as a fan/racer you appreciate their support and efforts in promoting our local club.

    See you all at the show...

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