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  1. The 2013 race season is quickly approaching and as it draws near our club is seeing growth in manufacturer support, national magazine coverage, and race school attendance.

    Shortly after my appointment as President, negotiations began with the Sports Car Club to secure several viable race dates for the 2013 race season. After months of talks, emails and deliberations, and acknowledgement that the WMRC may not survive if given a schedule like 2012, I was happy to announce in the 11th hour just before the bike show that we had been generously given the great dates for 2013 that we are very excited about.

    I would like to acknowledge the efforts of all WMRC volunteers that participated in the Vancouver bike show. Our club has never turned a profit at the show until this year. This would not be possible without the positive attitudes and efforts of all involved.

    Our ongoing relationship with West Coast Superbike School (WCSS) is shaping up to be very exciting for the upcoming season. It was recently announced that WCSS has ‘sold out’ its first race school and has nearly sold out another. What does this mean for the WMRC? As our new season begins, we could be looking at upwards of 50 new members to our family - possibly an unprecedented number of new riders coming into our club! These new competitors will be looking to our web site, our forums, our trackside vendors, and to all of you, for guidance. I will be looking for all WMRC club members to lead by example, to welcome our new members with open arms, and to mentor the new members.

    The WMRC has been very fortunate in receiving national and local exposure with stories in the following magazines / newspapers:

    • Motorcycle Mojo magazine in both their June 2012 and December 2012 issues
    • Vancouver Province in December 2012
    • Maple Ridge Times in January 2013
    • Canadian Biker magazine in March 2013

    I have been asked a few times from WMRC members that are not familiar with my history with the club, what was my previous involvement with the WMRC. I was a competitor at the WMRC from 2001 to 2005. I served on the Executive as the Promotions Director in 2003 and 2004. I took a short sabbatical from roadracing, but always kept my WMRC ‘family’ close. (For those of you that are interested please feel free to either call me at 604-799-1888, or you can review my BIO at:

    I came back to the WMRC with the idea of the 250 Gold Cup series in 2012. It made me sad to see the empty stands and the empty paddock area. I created the Series in an effort to increase interest in roadracing for spectators, racers and manufacturers and I am happy to say that my efforts paid off. The first race of 2012 saw five racers, and we finished the 2012 season with 13 racers on the grid. I am totally looking forward to 2013!

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the WMRC membership, the WMRC Executive, and WMRC sponsors for their support. Our non-profit club will only be as strong as the strength of our membership.

    Aside from volunteering my time to my WMRC family, I am also father to two wonderful little girls that you may have already seen trackside. I live with my girlfriend, Cheryl, in Chilliwack and I am a certified arborist by trade.

    See you at the track!

    Scott Borthwick

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