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    Fellow WMRC members:

    I just wanted to take some time and personally write to everyone in the WMRC. Next Monday, November 9 is our AGM. We all voted recently in our federal election, and now it is time for what is probably the 2nd most important vote of 2015, the annual election of the WMRC executive.

    2015 was an important year for the WMRC. While the club is first and foremost a racing club that exists for a group of enthusiasts to pool their resources and put on motorcycle races, it is also dependent on simple rules of profit and loss that ultimately determine how the club works as a going concern. I feel that more than anything else we accomplished this year, the executive has demonstrated to the club a business model that is more sustainable than in years past, and which allows us to put on more events than we previously thought possible. We had 11 days at the track this year, almost double the number the club did last year, and we managed to end the year with money in the bank despite low racer turnouts.

    More than anything though, the club needs volunteers to make this happen. One of the best things that happened this year was that we brought over 250 new riders out to our club events by hosting trackdays. We drew a few new racers from those riders, but more importantly we drew a raft of new volunteers that helped ease the strain on a very busy core group of WMRC volunteers.

    Some of the members of the 2015 executive may want to continue in their positions next year provided they are nominated and elected. Unfortunately I cannot continue to work as the WMRC president due to professional commitments. That said, I will continue to be part of the executive in the role of past president and will give the new exec my full support in whatever capacity they might need.

    I would encourage everyone in the club to come to the AGM and make sure you have a vote in how the WMRC moves forward into next year.

    Thanks very much,

    Andrew Marles

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