Meeting minutes from September 20,2010

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    Meeting called to order 8:05pm

    New Business:

    The 3 new sections of side impact Air fence will show up Tuesday September 21/10
    All other Air fence seems to be holding up very well.

    The Ninja 250 cup was discussed with recommendations of a link on the WMRC site to information regarding the possible new class. We only need 4 bikes to make the class possible. Evan if the class is not on the schedule, but 4 or more bikes show up we will make room in the schedule for that class to run.

    The mini road racers will be coming out for the last 2 rounds this year. Rick is working on the schedule for this. Right now it looks like there will be a 10 minute practice and then 2 ? 5 lap races through out the day. If a racer running this class would like to know their lap times, just borrow a DB-Com and the system will be set to pick you up that race. The fees for this class will be $60, this includes the medical fee. The regular gate fee will need to be paid as well.

    Thank you to Bernie for getting the BBQ?s for the BBQ.

    Great big thank you goes out to all the corner workers and volunteers for all the hard work they did on the very hot August rounds!

    Treasurers Report:

    We currently have about $24,000 in the bank.


    The WMRC Banquette will be held on November 6/10
    We need at least 135 people to come to the banquette this year as we have reserved a larger room on the main floor of the building. So far we have 14 presold tickets. Tickets will be available in the registration booth for the last 2 rounds of the year. Tickets are $35
    There will be a person at the door this year checking tickets. There will be no ticket sales at the banquette; you must buy them before hand.
    Thank you to the Vintage guys who will be setting up a BBQ on the Saturday of the up coming rounds.

    The club would like to wish Rachel a speedy recovery as she battles this tough illness.

    Meeting adjourned 8:40pm

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