Meeting minutes from July 20,2010

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    Meeting minutes read and accepted

    New people introduced to the club.

    Ryan whittle once again thanks Angus for his work on promoting the 250 class. Ryan has posted the rules on BCSB as to what it will be. Nikola elaborated a bit more on the rules, but more official rules will be posted in the rulebook. Nikola stated by the bike show, the rules will be officially posted.
    Ryan Whittle has ordered 3 new sections of side impact Airfence and repair materials for our existing inflatable. We got a nice discount from Tyson of Cascade Tracktime. We have room for another 3 sections in our containers.
    Ryan Welton has kindly volunteered to be Airfence teardown coordinator. All Airfence deflations and teardown tasks are to be run through him.

    Bleachers have been repaired. The first half was done by Eric Lemessurier and this last half was done by Bez Cajee?s friend, who is a contractor. We haven?t received the final invoice from his friend yet, but they were able to finish the work in quick order. All the bleachers have been repaired.

    WCC costs will not be covered by the club this year as the club felt that additional Airfence would help the club more this year.

    Our July 1st round was just considered okay and our weather has not really cooperated with us this year.

    Track setup this last time was one of the best in years. We need the people to consider keeping on coming out and helping out.
    Doris Walther was out at our last race day and we thought it would be great if we had a BBQ in honor of past Westwood racer Tom Walther. So August 14th, will be the first ever Tom Walther Memorial BBQ.

    Treasurers Report:

    Sharon at the gate will be instructed that passes are not valid until after 9am. Passes are meant for sponsors and newcomers to the track. Gate takes have been low as racers have been using our free gate passes for themselves. This will not be allowed anymore.
    We have about $17000 in the bank after Airfence has been paid for, and this is a nice balance to keep as a float for the rest of the season.
    Our July 1st race day, we were just under from breaking even, so in fact we lost money. We need to find a way to get more racers out. The weather and our economy has certainly not been helping.

    Meeting adjourned at 9:11pm

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