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    Call to order: 7:40pm

    New Business:
    A few days ago we found out our race dates were invalid. We have called this emergency meeting to decide as a club if we will have a season this year.
    Here are the valid dates we currently have:
    1. May 19,20
    2. June 25
    3. Aug 20

    We are proposing a 4 round season this year as it is too difficult to get enough volunteers out for weekday?s rounds. It takes 44 racers doing an average of 3 classes a day for the club to break even. The gate take will be very low this year as we have mid-week dates. We need about 70 racers to break even on a practice day. The morning of the 19th would be a practice and then race in the afternoon. We can compress our schedule to make this happen. No races would be missed, just a faster turnaround time between races.
    There is a slim chance we may get June 30 and July 1 back. We should know in the next couple of days.
    The club can?t afford any bad days this year, so we ask that even if it is raining and on the Mondays please come out and race!
    The refund policy will be changing this year. There will be no refunds and we will be asking for prepay where we can. We will have enough money to start the season and then will have to take it from there.
    We can cancel a race date 14 days in advance with no penalty to the club.
    We may make the Monday races a double point?s day to encourage people to come out and race.
    Please ask anyone you know to come out and volunteer as it takes a huge amount of staff to pull off a race day. We would like to see 3 people per corner. Dean will set up a spot on the forum for the volunteers to prefer. Tom Oats is the new volunteer coordinator this year.
    As the ban quiet and trophies cost the club about $10,000 every year we will not be doing individual trophies this year. We will just be doing the plaques. The ban quite ticket price will also be going up as the club will not be able to subsidise it this year.

    It was an all yes vote to go ahead with the shortened season this year.

    Reminder to all that there will be work parties coming up soon. Please come out and help.

    Meeting Adjourned: 9:00pm

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