Meeting minutes for Sept 19, 2011

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    Call to order: 8:10pm

    New Business:
    We had the final round of the WCC @ Race City in Calgary. 3 WMRC racers were able to make it this year. Great job! Because Calgary is shutting down the race track next year the CMRA is selling its Air Fence. The WMRC will be purchasing all of their Air Fence for a great deal. This will get us all the side impact we need moving forward. All we will need to purchase from here on out is inflatable sections of Air Fence. This will also help in the reduction of hay bale we currently use. There will still be a WCC next year and we are currently working on the details. The WMRC final race weekend is this week and we are expecting a good turn out and good weather. We are planning on having a hay bale container there to get rid of the bales after the weekend is over so we don?t have to have a cleanup party later in the year. Make sure you bring proper gear to help with the bale cleanup. TOR will be on all weekend for $10. The mini racers will be by on Sunday again this year and will be racing alongside the 250 class. Bez is working on getting the trophies all sorted out. Please let him know what your preference is, plaque or trophies. Official race results will be set at 6:00pm on Sunday due to the banquet being so close to the last race of the year.

    Treasurers Report:
    We currently have $16,000 in the bank. $9,400 will be coming out before the next round. We still have trophies costs and ban quite costs as well to come out. We should have about $10,000 left to start next year.

    We will be sending out a mass email about the last race weekend of the year. We will be contacting all of our sponsors about what has happened over the year. The ban quite is October 22 this year at Newlands golf course.

    Adjourned: 9:00pm

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