Meeting minutes for October 18,2010

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    Call to order at 8:00am

    New Business:
    The last race weekend was very tough on the club as lots of racers did not race the last day due to the weather.

    The banquette and the trophies still need to be paid for. We have sold roughly 72 tickets; we need to sell at least 135 to at least cover the cost of the room. The executive will be calling all riders to find out who is coming.

    Big thanks to all the people who stayed around for teardown this last weekend, it went very well. We need to get more people to come to the monthly meetings to go over the up coming season. Thank you to Nikola and Teresa for going out to the track and unrolling all the air fence and cleaning it. Hay bale clean up is still to be announced.

    The WMRC banquette falls on the same night as the hall of fame banquette so Doris Walther is here to present the super bike trophy to Adam Robarts.

    Treasures Report:
    We had a very big loss on the last Sunday of the year with the fewest bikes ever registered. We had 27 people register, we normally get 70.
    We did have a good novice field this year with 28 riders.

    A few bills showed up that we were not expecting, but we are still OK. It will be a tight start for next season but the club is still solvent.

    7 out of 9 races this year had some form of moisture and the other 2 were sweltering hot.

    We are trying to figure out how to get the membership fees lower for racers.

    We have only online sales for the banquette tickets at this point.

    The bike show is good to go. We have our booth already, posters and cards are ordered. The bike show should be January 17-22ish.

    Please let the Executive know if you would like trophies or a plaque.

    We need to start thinking of ways to get more spectators out to the track.

    There are rumors that Honda might be coming out with a 250 to compete with the Kawasaki 250.

    The mini bike guys liked their first time on our track and have talked about coming back next year.

    We need to push the taste of racing more to help street riders get over their fears of being on a race track.

    Our AGM will be held November 15, 2010

    Meeting Adjourned 8:45pm

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