Meeting minutes for October 17, 2011

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    Meeting minutes for October 17, 2011

    Call to order:

    New Business:
    News from Calgary is they may get to keep their race track for another year. It would have to undergo a design change but could still operate. Our purchase of Calgary Air Fence will have to wait for the outcome of that decision.
    We had our final race round of the year and all turned out very well considering what the weather was doing.
    TOR was very good all weekend as well.
    Track clean up went very well this year and doesn?t require a dedicated cleanup day this year. Thank you to Bez for going and getting rid of the last of the hay bales. All the Air Fence has been cleaned and wiped down.
    Race results have been finalized and points were awarded for the last race of the day and were set on the lap before all the crashing took place.
    Our AGM will be November 17, 2011

    Treasures Report:
    We have $26,000 in the bank right now. We still have bills coming in at this point but should end up with about $8,000 to $10,000 to start next year. TOR will stay at $10 from here on out. Next year if you come in on a motorcycle you will get a ? price gate admission.

    Bez has been working very hard on getting the trophies sorted out this year. He has at least 50 hour invested so far. Ryan has been doing some press releases. Ban quite is set and sold out at this point. Ryan Whittle will be the MC this year.
    Rule book meeting will be November 15, 2011 at 7:00pm. Please submit any proposals to your rider rep through email.
    We will be taking another look at how novices are bumped up to F118; any concerns should be taken to your rider rep. We will be seeing if we can add more practice days to the schedule to help with evaluation. We will also be looking at setting up a female class. If we can get 5 riders we can have a class. We can write it in to the rule book to get things started.

    Meeting Adjourned: 9:10pm

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