Meeting minutes for November 21, 2011

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    Call to order: 8:05pm

    New Business:
    We are still waiting to hear our race dates at this point. There has been a lot of talk about adding more practice days to our schedule; unfortunately with the limited number of days we get we need to use them for racing. We will continue to look at different ways to get more practice days. Ted has been our voice with the NHRA guys. Thank you Ted for trying to help out on that front. Looks like we had a successful season this year even with the dates we were provided. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out for the Monday dates. We had more racers this year than we have in the previous 2 years. The rule book changes will be posted up on the forum soon. The meeting went very well and lots of good stuff was brought forward.

    Treasures Report:
    We currently have $18,700 in the bank. $15,000 is still to come out to cover the remainder of the costs from last year and the upcoming bike show. We should have $2,500 to start next year. We will have the debit machine at the bike show this year. We found it was not worth sending it back every year. License fees look like they will remain the same for next year. There will be special licenses printed for staff, vendors and volunteers so they can access the track before the gates open. It costs the club roughly $8,500 per day to operate, Track rental is going up next year about 10% so this will cause our race fees to increase roughly $5.00 per class to cover the extra cost.

    Promotions Report:

    Thank you to all the people who helped out this year. The 50/50 we did this year paid for all our programs and pamphlets. Dean has been able to secure us a reliable announcer again for next year. A big thank you to all of our sponsors. TOR was really good this year and we would like to build on that success for next year. Our social communication was much better this year and we feel it help get more people to the track. We need to look at getting better fundraiser ideas for next year. If you didn?t get your plaques from the ban quite please email Ryan Welton on the WMRC site. We would like to use a team effort for promotions next year. We need to try and promote the WMRC at the Friday night street legal drags. The promotions job has become so big we are going to need to rebalance it by having 2 helpers as well for next year.

    Meeting Adjourned: 9:05pm

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