Meeting minutes for November 15, 2010

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    Call to order: 8:10pm

    New Business:
    Radios and Security was the unexpected bills talked about in last months meeting minutes.

    Big thank you to Marlene at the trophy shop, they did a great job again this year. Trophies cost us about $6000 this year.

    Big thank you to the executive for all the work put into the banquette this year. Gail has all the trophies that were not claimed at the banquette and will be contacting the people they belong to.

    Treasures Report:
    We have $6200 going into next season. The banquette, trophies and bike show are all paid for. We are hoping to finish getting all the remaining sponsorship money in soon. The gate take was low at the start of the year but was sorted out by the second race weekend. We need to find a way to get racers to race in the rain. The club can not exist if people don?t run in the rain. Out of the last 4 years this has been the lowest rider ship.

    The banquette went well. The only concern was people were waiting to long to purchase tickets. We need to give a firm head count 1 week before the banquette.

    The West Coast Super Bike School is the #1 prize at the bike show this year. The winner will get a race school package, full leathers and a bike to use. The WMRC will give a free license to the winner as well.

    The rules committee meeting will be November 30, 2010

    The next monthly meeting will be December 13, 2010

    Meeting adjourned: 8:35pm

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