Meeting minutes for May 16, 2011

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    Meeting minutes for May 16/11

    Call to order 8:00pm

    New Business:
    Teresa will be the new TOR rep for the club. WCC will be gridded by qualifiers on Friday and Saturday for all classes. John will be at the track on the Friday to run the DBcom system. Super bike race 1 will be gridded by WCC qualifying times not WMRC points. This will be our WCC weekend so let?s show everyone a good time. The first race weekend went very well for the number of racers and spectators that came out. Registration looks very strong for the WCC weekend that is great news for the club.

    Treasurers Report:
    $4500 in the bank after all the bills are paid. After this weekend we should be in good shape for the rest of the season. We now have the credit card machine.

    Hear Smart is the new sponsor of the F118 class. They have race monitors and moulded ear plugs. Western Power Sports is the new sponsor for the 250 class. Programs will be at the gate first thing in the morning. Ryan has applied for a class D lottery license so we can run a 50/50 draw at the track. Please invite everyone you know to the track and keep them informed of our race dates. Please make sure that if you tell someone you will get them in you give them a pass or they will be charged at the gate as we will no longer be letting people in the gate if they don?t have a pass or pay. We need to come up with some ways to get better signage up for our events, like sandwich boards or banners. We are looking at getting a quote on signage. We may also look at doing a groupon mail out. The fundraiser will be coming soon. Stay tuned for dates and details. We will be running TOR on August 1st for $10.

    Meeting adjourned 9:40pm

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