Meeting minutes for March 21/11

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    Meeting minutes for March 21/11

    Call to order: 8:15pm

    New Business:

    James Nadolny found hay bales for $3.00 each. Great deal compared to what we have paid in the past. Hay bale bagging date is April 10/11, we will have to pick up the bales the day before and will need some volunteers to help out with that. Plastic is confirmed and we will buy proper duct tape. The car club is moving containers around. They have been doing lots of work on the track this year. We have to find a new spot to put our hay bale trailers as the car club wants that spot for parking. The car club found one of our old trailers down in turn three, and has asked us to get rid of it. The car club is taking out a section of stands near the containers; this will make our job of maintaining them easier as we will have less to do. Registration is up and ready to go on the web site. The WCC will change a little bit for this year; we will have more info at the next meeting. There is a 250 cup class in the rule book now.

    Treasures Report:

    We have $9,500 in the bank right now. We have locked down some sponsors at this point. Scotia Plumbing, Mspeed, Vancouver Ducati, G3 Motorsports
    This will be a good help to get the season going this year. We have a total of 60 licenses sold so far this year. West Coast Super Bike School is sold out this year; this should mean a go influx of new riders to the WMRC.


    Sponsorships are headed in the right direction. We had a good time at the Daytona party and talked to a lot of people. It was well received by all. Thanks to Teresa for volunteering at the party and helping out. We are working hard on-line to let people know what the WMRC is up to out at the track. If anyone has ideas of how we can get the word out there more please let Ryan and Bez know and they would be happy to work with you. We need to start using social media more as this is how the kids of today do most of their communicating.

    Meeting adjourned: 8:45pm
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