Meeting Minutes for March 19, 2012

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    Call to order at 8:11

    Reading of Minutes from Feb
    Buisness arising from minutes:
    -rule book confusion regarding 250 Gold Cup VS WMRC Rules
    -rule 6.1: snell 2005 ok this year snell 2010 for 2013 season
    -the search for a new concession/caterer continues
    -bag lunches for staff and volunteers
    -crash truck query
    -hay bale party date TBD with Mike T to confirm (April 21?)
    -air fence logistics still needed to bring the newly aquired AF to BC from AB. 6 pieces of approx 10'x2.5'x4' 50lbs ea.
    -SCCBC latest work party was well attended

    New Business:
    -some rule book tweaks to come
    -questions raised about round 1 on Sat and how it will be planned out: Novice grad, morning practice, WCC qualifiers in 2nd practice followed by a regular raceday schedule. Tight schedule on breaks for lunch, hot pit lane and quick release to the track from pregrid. We expect to run a full raceday schedule with the exception of only running one Superbike race.
    -no Bud and Suzy for the May weekend in timing and scoring
    -there are staffing positions that need filling for this season
    -Executive is asking the membership to get in race shape by utilizing the other track options prior to the first WMRC day.

    -talk of having a group photo for charity this year. The idea would be to get a group photo of the racers like last season and have the racers pay a small fee for the photo with the $ going to the Childrens Hospital at next years Daytona Party.
    -Talk of having a Scouts Canada BBQ at the Sat round on the May long weekend.
    -Jay to bring the banner to the next meeting for the Tsawassin Swap Meet, will need passes and posters for the event
    -Email to all members to encourage the pumping up of the dates so that we get a great turn out for the inagural weekend

    -Licences: Jay needs CC info from some of the members who signed up a the bikeshow.
    -Preregistration is now open, the $50 fee for not preregistering will be enforced this season.

    Novice question:
    -can novices get #'s prior to completing the race school? Yes, fill out a race licence application and submit your number request.
    -250 class racers will need to get CMA licence in advance to race at GMR
    -First mini race is April 29th

    Meeting adjourned at 9:11

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