Meeting minutes for March 15/10

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    Call to order at 8:10pm

    Kevin Thompson from RPM is here to talk about RPM Super Moto Racing:
    New track configuration at Tradex to be newbie friendly
    License fee is $50 for RPM and $35 for the insurance provider

    Still looking for bales as they are very expensive this year - Mike is still getting quotes, but we did find some for $4 that were not very good.
    Hay Bale party is still on for March 28th

    Simon Field is the new Pro Rider Rep - Thanks to Ken Lalonde for a great job as rider rep last season.

    Kawi 250 cup is coming to WMRC. Only safety wire is required as a minimum to race. Stock bodywork is fine

    We need help announcing this year - Bernie is going to follow up on announcers
    We need help with taste of racing this year as well. Kareem is coordinating it, but he needs help. Teresa Hurrell has offered to help with this! Thanks Teresa!

    May 1st is a full on race day, with no WMRC practice day this year. Troy is offering a track day to practice on the 30th of April. There is limited space available for his track day, so register now if you wish to get in there.

    The West Coast Championship website is currently being built and coordinated by Nikola
    Note to all racers is that number plate rules are going to be STRICTLY enforced this year.

    Promotions Report:
    Air fence Party is $15 and is limited to 80 tickets! April 17th at Roos

    We need help with gate programs and Jayson will coordinate with the volunteer to do the gate programs

    John Valk Ducati signed up for Heavyweight Twins
    Scotia Plumbing signed up for Middleweight Twins
    Vancouver Aprilia is sponsoring a class as well (TBD)
    Mspeed performance is sponsoring Superbike and RMR or Pazzo will be sponsoring Open Super sport

    Finance Report:

    We have approximately $15,000 in the bank, but we have to pay for bales yet. We are expecting another $5000 to come in for sponsorship, etc.
    Air fence is due to arrive in Portland and we will also have to pay duty and taxes on that as well.

    Eric Lemessurier offered to help repair benches at the track on behalf of the WMRC. Thanks Eric! Eric is a general contractor, so if you need any work done, let him know!

    Meeting was Adjourned at 9:00pm

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