Meeting minutes for January 18, 2010

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    Meeting minutes for January 18, 2010

    Call to order @ 8pm

    New Business: Ryan

    -The meeting in December was canceled as it was to close to Christmas

    -Race dates are set; check the WMRC web site for details. The schedule was a little tougher this year because every five years the drag racers get an extra weekend. We were able to split one day in August with the drag racers. Robert Johnson from the car club was a great help again with trying to get a spaced out race schedule. They were able to hold the day before each event for WCSS track days.

    -WCC date at Mission will be May 1,2 or 22,23 we are still working with
    Edmonton and Calgary to set official dates. Calgary likes May 22/23 as the
    Holiday is the 24th and that would allow travel time.
    -WCC date in Edmonton is set for June 19,20 with June 18 as a practice day.
    -WCC date in Calgary is tentatively set for September 18,19 we should know more on them once they go to court in February 2010

    -The WMRC banquette is set for November 6, 2010 we have reserved a bigger room this year that will hold 125-175 people. Ticket sales will be cut off sooner this year to allow more planning time. We have added a section to the licensing form so you can buy your ticket at the beginning of the season.

    -Some possible improvements to the track are still tentative at this point, nothing confirmed.

    -Hay bale party is set for March 28, 2010, coffee and donuts provided. We will only need 200 bales this year. If anyone has information on where to get hay bales please let Mike Thompson know. We are trying to do the party at the same time the car club does their annual clean up.

    -2 more sections of inflatable Airfence have been ordered and should arrive by April 26, 2010 @ a cost of $4250 per section plus duties and taxes. The Airfence comes from China, that?s why it takes so long to get here. The new sections will take the place of the hay bales in turn 2 and 6. Bernie is taking care of getting spare caps for the Airfence.

    -We will be sticking with the same ambulance service again this year. With the private company we are guaranteed at leased one advanced life support technician on board. No chance they will get called away if there was a big accident on the highway. They have 3 helicopters they can call in at any time. The same paramedics will be there every time, so they will know the track better.

    -We will be staying with the same insurance company this year. They are happy with us and the safety measures we take.

    Ken and Gail

    -Gate pass on your license will be available again this year. Just write $60 for gate pass on your license form.
    -Medical forms will be handed out on day 1 so we don?t have to print them 3 times. The color of the form will change for this year and tech will not let you through with out the new form.
    -Trophies or Plaque selection is also going to be on your forms this year

    Rules: Nikola

    -The new rules will be up on the site in a couple of days. There will be no printed copies handed out.
    -SV Cup has been canceled for this year so they will be run in BOTT
    -Formula Classic has been removed
    -F118 if you win or break out 2 times you will no longer be able to run in that class
    -If a class is too small to run they will be joined with another class
    -Novice will be required to run at least 7 rounds before they can be bumped up

    Treasurer: Dean

    -$17,500 is in the bank
    -Airfence will tie up big chuck of the balance
    -We need $10,000 float to start the season

    Promotions: Jayson and Bernie

    -Bike show is all sorted out.
    -Posters and cards have been ordered.
    -Volunteers can get their passes from Jayson.
    -WMRC shirts will be sold at the show.
    -Photo board and Road racing article will be part of the display this year.
    -This has been a harder year to get sponsors, still many classes available to sponsor.
    -Air fence fundraiser is set for April 17, 2010
    -There will only be 80 tickets sold this year. Tickets will remain $15.00 even though the cost to the club has gone up $2.00

    Meeting adjourned @ 9pm
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    WCC for Edmonton

    :) Hi, I think you will find that the WCC Round for Edmonton is being held on their Round 3 & 4 - July 23-25 with Practice on Friday the July 22.

    The suggestion was made at the meeting that it might be June, but that is a single race day weekend in Edmonton,

    Plan on the WCC being held on Round 3 & 4 - July 22-23-25 in Edmonton,

    Enjoy the ride, and best regards,

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