Meeting minutes for January 17/11

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    Call to order: 8:10pm

    New Business:

    The bike show is this week. Move in is Wednesday night. We received the race dates this afternoon; here is what we were given.

    April 2, 3
    April 30 and May 1st
    May 22, 23
    September 24, 25
    October 15, 16

    August 13, 14 is the Rocking River Fest this year. As it stands that leaves us with a 17 week break. We think April 2, 3 is too early for racing due to safety concerns. September 24, 25 and October 15, 16 are getting too late in the year to race due to safety concerns. We are looking at getting some Mondays or Fridays through the summer to help fill the gaps in the schedule. Members suggested asking for July 4 and/or August 8. After discussion around the room all agreed that April 2, 3 are too early and October 15, 16 are too late in the year to race. Dean will work with Keith tomorrow to try and get this sorted out as fast as possible. It will probably take about 1 week. We will try to keep our dates from conflicting with other clubs but at this point we will take what we can get. We will try to keep everyone up to date on the forums.

    WCSBS dates are unknown at this point. Troy did say he would not be running before the September 24, 25 weekend.
    Track set-up and tear down will be extra important this year as we may have to do everything in one day.

    The WCC dates are as follows:

    April 30, May 1st Mission
    July 13, 14 Edmonton
    September 15, 16 Calgary


    Thank you to all the people who have volunteered to help out at the bike show. All the passes have been worked out. There will be a TOR pamphlet, history on the club and race dates to be announced in the booth. Bez has put together a slide show that will be playing in the booth. We are looking forward to a good bike show. Ryan and Bez are working on the sponsorship packages right now and should be ready soon. The Air fence party date is still to be announced.

    Treasures Report:

    We have just under $4000 in the bank. The hale bale removal was only $391, this was much less than we were expecting. We still have some sponsorship money to come in. We need to get 225 hay bales for next year and will need to get more plastic to cover them. Memberships will be available at the bike show.

    The rule book will be ready after the bike show. Points are going to be done like Calgary this year. If you crash you will still get points. 15th on up.

    Meeting adjourned: 9:05pm

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