Meeting minutes for January 16, 2012

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    Call to order: 8:15pm

    New Business:
    There will be no poster contest this year as we still do not have our race dates or sponsors sorted out yet. We will do the posters later in the year once we have this information.
    There is no word on race dates at this point but we are hoping to hear by the end of this week. We will announce the dates at the bike show at this point. The cards will just say ?see our web site for details?
    Dean went to a car club meeting and was impressed by the number of people that turn out. There were about 50 people and the meeting was very well run considering how many governing bodies there are in that club. The car club did not have their dates at this point either.
    Roland will let us know when the track work parties are. We would like to see more WMRC members come out to those to show good faith to the car club.
    There is going to be some major improvements to the track this year including:
    1. The wall on the outside of 6 has been moved back 4-5 feet
    2. The wall on the inside of 6 has been moved back 4 feet
    3. The track has been torn up from 5 through 6 so it will be smooth and not patch work
    4. The barriers have been removed in 3
    5. The PA system has been upgraded
    6. They may be moving the timing and scoring building
    7. The car club is moving their registration building
    8. They have added more pit stalls closer to the grand stands
    Please see the web site for all rule changes coming into effect this year. The helmet rule change will be held for one more year in order to give rides longer to budget for this gear change. We have added the fast 25 to the rule book but are unsure at this point if it will make it in to the schedule. We will be having combined scoring this year as it makes things much easier for timing and scoring. The WCC is still in the planning stages. There has been no word from Edmonton.
    License fees are going up to $200 this year but that will include your gate pass for the year.
    Race fees are also going up by $5 per class to offset the rising costs to the club.

    Treasures Report:
    We currently have $7000 in the bank. Out of this we still need to purchase the Air Fence from Calgary. We will be getting 6 more pieces of side impact for $2500. That will completely fill our trailers. We still need to work out how we are going to get it hear from Calgary.
    Credit machine will be at the bike show this year.

    The bike show has good volunteer coverage at this point. We will be teaming up with WCSBS this year in the booth. All the printing is ready to go; we are just waiting for the dates.
    TOR will be $10 again this year. We are looking in to getting approval to do 2 up rides.

    Track Setup:
    Track set up is very crucial this year. We will be asking everyone to set the track up before setting up their pits. Anyone who does not help set up before setting up their pits may be asked to leave or pay $100 camping fee.

    Meeting adjourned: 9:30pm

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