Meeting minutes for February 21/2011

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    Meeting minutes for February 21/11

    Call to order: 8:10pm

    New Business:

    The bike show was very good; we gave out 2000 cards and 200 posters. Thank you to all the people who helped out this year. License forms are on the WMRC web site. We only managed to collect 47 at the show. This year when new riders pass their West Coast Super Bike School they will receive their WMRC license for free. There is only 1 week left to sign up if you want to hold your race number. We have cut off the Pay-Pal account as the fees for the club are getting to high. We are paying $8 for every license sold. Next year we will try and see if we can team up with West Coast Super Bike School at the bike show and share a credit card machine.

    We have ordered the plastic for the hay bales but still need to order 225 bales. Anyone who may have a line on hay bales please let us know.

    Dean is trying very hard to keep spammers off of the WMRC site and crashing it. He has stopped over 2700 new registrations so far. We get 3-4 real ones a week.

    There will be a full service Michelin dealer at the track this year. It will be Ryan Whittle. He will have pricing soon.

    Treasures Report:

    We have about $7500 in the bank. We still need to buy bales for about $2500 and pay deposits to the track of about $3000. We need to finish getting the license fees in to help pay for the start up costs for the season. The first day of the year will be a practice day. The fee for the day will be $175; if you pre-register the fee will only be $150. A half day will cost $100. Medical fee is included.

    We will be trying to keep the race fees the same for this year. We will be enforcing the pre-registration penalty fee if you don?t pre-register. Pre-registration will be up and running by April.


    Ryan would like some more feedback on what people thought of the bike show so we can figure out what to do better next year. There will be a monthly news letter coming out by email. Nobody seems to be using the WMRC Face book page, let?s try and get some more people using it. Bez is working on the promotions packages; they will be on the web site soon. The WMRC fundraiser will be held in June and/or September. We will need every ones help to get prizes.

    Meeting adjourned: 8:55pm

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