Meeting minutes for Feb 15, 2010

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    Call to order @ 8:00pm

    New Business from Ryan:

    Ambulance contract to come through soon. Rates have gone fron $175 per hour to $185 per hour. This will cost the club about $200 more per weekend.

    Insurance rates to stay the same for this year.

    Track rental is going to be increasing this year, we should know how much by next month.

    Thank you to all the volenteers who helped out at the bike show.

    Treasurers Report from Dean:

    Little to no action happening right now.
    We have $10,000 in the bank right now with a bunch of membership fees coming in.

    Promotions report from Jayson and Bernie:

    Bike show was very good. We handed out 400 posters, 500 Taste of Racing panflits and 6 T-shirts were sold.

    RPM would like to go in with us this year to buy hale bails as they need 100 for their up coming season. We will work with them for 1 bulk order.

    Some door prizes are starting to come in for the Airfence fundraser.

    Suzuki has anounced there will be no contingancy this year.

    Ninja 250 class still has lots of details to work out but it looks like it should be a go for 2010.

    Meeting adjourned @ 8:30pm

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