Meeting minutes for April 19, 2010

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    Meeting minutes for April 19, 2010

    Call to order ? 8:00pm

    WCC gridding will be done by 4 timed qualifiers on Saturday only and then points will take over from here on out. This was done to make things safer and will be done for both intermediate and expert.

    Registration will be very busy on Saturday; we ask that all racers please pre-register!

    We are still waiting on the insurance certificate.

    Ambulance is good to go.

    Bernie got Ted Shannon and Kelly Bell to do announcing for us this year.

    We will need as many people as possible to come to the first track set-up as there are lots to do to get the season going this year.

    Thank you to all the people who came out to the hale bale party. We are hoping to get 2 more sections of Air-Fence for next year.

    Treasurers Report: Dean

    We have $20,000 in the bank to start the year.

    A cell based credit and debit machine is coming maybe here for the first round. Dean is donating the cost of the unit?s monthly charge. The unit is $70 per month.

    It will be mandatory to show transponder and race license at registration. If you have not received your license by April 24, 2010 please contact the club.


    Every thing is going well. There has been a minor hiccup with the security company but it should all be worked out by the first week end.

    Picked up 2 more sponsors this year. RMR and Tap-Moto

    Lu has the program ready. Big thanks to Lu and his wife for putting this together.

    The fundraiser went well even with a lower turn out than normal. $3500 total which includes a $1000 anonymous donation.

    35 students at the WCSB school this year.

    Eric finished 2 sections of grand stand repairs. Big thanks to Eric.

    Meeting adjourned: 8:30pm

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