Meeting minutes for April 18, 2011

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    Meeting minutes for April 18/11

    Call to order: 8:10pm

    New Business:

    The hay bale party went fantastic. Best job ever. The club will have to buy more pop up tents this year as we found we only had 3 or 4 good ones left over from last year. Thanks to Dean, Bez, Mike Thompson, and Anthony Basic for loading up all the bails on April 9/11. There is less than 2 weeks before our first event and we have about 85 people preregistered. Announcers are locked down for the year. A new gate person has been hired. Radios are ordered. Ambulance service has been confirmed. We will be using Life Support again this year as they provide ALS paramedics every time and with BC Ambulance it is never a guarantee. The gate person will be giving out wrist bands this year to show you have signed the wavier. There will be a different colour for every day. The WCC rep is not here tonight to give any updates. The WCC qualifying will be happening on May 20, 21. Your fastest lap from those 2 days will be what is used to determine your grid location.

    Treasurers Report:

    We are ok at $1500 - $2000 in the bank. Sponsorship and license money are coming in. We will need another TOR coordinator this year as Kareem is running super bike this year.


    Thank you to Vancouver Ducati for sponsoring Super Bike and Open Super Sport this year. Stunt shows will be held at lunch all year in front of the main stands. There is a monthly newsletter coming shortly along with a letter from the President. We will try to get Bernie Ryan to do another track walk this year. The Facebook page has been cleaned up. If you need any promotions stuff please contact Bez or Ryan.

    Meeting adjourned: 8:40pm

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