Meeting minutes for April 16, 2012

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    Meeting minutes for April 16, 2012

    Call to order: 8:08pm

    New Business:
    We will be revealing the new race schedule tonight for the WCC weekend. We have a lot to fit into this one week end. It will be the WCSBS track day, WMRC practice, TOR and racing all in one. There will only be 2 bike pick-ups on the Saturday. One at 12:00pm and one at 5:00pm. The schedule will be too tight to do any more than that. Racing will start after lunch as the morning will be all practice. The last 3 practice runs will be the qualifiers for the WCC.
    We will not have Bud and Susie there for the WCC weekend. Any help would be appreciated.
    We have arranged for the catering truck to be there again this year.
    Hay bale party will be on April 21 11:30am
    Friday will be track setup

    Treasures Report:
    We currently have $13,487 in the bank. Fees will start coming out soon. Dean has sent the cheque for the Air Fence to Calgary. We are going to try and use U-Ship to get the Air Fence out here so no one has to go get it. We only have had 48 people sign up and pay for their license at this point.

    The new poster has been mocked up and the final approval will come shortly. Programs are being worked on next and will be ready for the first weekend. Ryan still has 3 boxes of trophies, if you have not picked up your trophies please see Ryan. Bez has secured some sponsors at this point. Pazzo, Mspeed, Vancouver BMW Ducati and SV Racing Parts.

    Meeting adjourned: 9:10pm

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