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    General Meeting
    February 11, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.
    Ricky’s Restaurant, Langley, BC

    Scott Borthwick, President
    Dean Drolet, Past President
    Ken Lalonde, Vice President
    Gio Acchione, Secretary
    Jason Lynch, Treasurer
    Bez Cajee, Promotions
    26 members


    President Scott Borthwick called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. The Agenda was reviewed at the meeting.

    2. MINUTES from December 17, 2012

    The Minutes from the meeting held on December 17, 2012 were read and reviewed at the meeting.


    With thanks to the West Coast Superbike School (WCSS) and the WMRC Promotions team, this is the first year that the WMRC made money with its participation at the Vancouver Motorcycle Show. In addition, 24 WMRC licenses were purchased and $490 was collected specifically for the AMB timing system.

    The WMRC currently has $16,640 in its operating budget.


    The Promotions team thanked all volunteers as well as Gio Acchione and Rachel Jordan for their help at the 2013 Vancouver Motorcycle Show. Approximately 2000 5x7 postcards advertising the WMRC and its 2013 race dates were distributed at the show. The six televisions from Visions loaned to the WRMC for the bike show booth had a huge visual impact. The Promotions team also thanked their advertisers for the television displays: Vancouver BMW Ducati, Pacific Motorsports, Burnaby Kawasaki, Joseph Richards Group, Honda Centre, Honda Canada, SV Racing, PCMRC, and Western Canadian 250 Gold Cup Series.

    Ken and Gail Lalonde, Rachel Jordan, Gio Acchione and Bez Cajee attended a Vancouver BMW Ducati event that hosted about 100 people. WCSS was able to register seven students for their upcoming race schools. (WCSS race schools have over 35 paid people for the first race school and 5 for its second race school. The first race school is scheduled for April 14th).

    The Promotions team is now selling sponsorship and advertising in the WMRC race day program with one advertiser (Honda Centre) confirmed to date.

    Racer profiles that will be included in the race day program are also for sale. The profile includes a photograph and BIO of the racer and is an excellent opportunity for racers to thank their sponsors. All members were requested to contact Bez Cajee for the cost.

    The Promotions team has shirts, hoodies and hats for sale.

    a. 2013 Race Dates

    The 2013 race dates are:

    April 27th and 28th
    May 11th and 12th
    June 29th and 30th
    September 28th and 29th

    Every weekend is a double header and three of the four dates (all but May 11th / 12th) are 3-day weekends. The WCC event is April 27th and 28th.

    b. New License Design

    The WMRC is seeking a new design for its race license from the membership. The design must include competition, license, name, number and class. The winner of the selected design will win a free season gate pass.

    The deadline for design submission is March 1st, which is also the deadline for race number requests.

    c. Link Presentation and Vote

    Dean Drolet explained the procedure for the link presentation and subsequent vote. The purpose of the link proposal is for racers in the Supersport class to have the option to change the progressive link on their motorcycle to a linear link.

    Ken Lalonde introduced Nikola Racunica to display the two links. Nikola displayed both the aftermarket linear link and stock curved progressive link and explained the difference between the two and what they were designed for. Ken Lalonde continued with further definition of the two links and the safety aspects.

    After a question and answer discussion, the registered membership voted on the following resolution:

    “That the stock progressive link may be changed to an aftermarket linear link in the Supersport class.”
    4 opposed
    1 abstained

    This resolution will be posted in the Rules book and on the web site.

    d. Other Business

    • Dan Royea has completed some work on organizing the Rules book. Clarification is required on some of the classes (such as Novice, Graduated Novice) and he and Dean Drolet will work together on the updates.
    • Kelly Bell will organize the 2013 race day schedule working with the Executive.
    • Promotions will be using Constant Contact for email distribution of newsletters and club communication. This program will cost $15 per month.
    • The Agenda for the General Meeting is posted on the web site, Facebook, Twitter, and the forums.
    • The Executive is researching the price and the benefits of racers using a new medical form that would stick to the inside of the racer’s helmet and that the Edmonton racing club uses. It was noted that BC Ambulance does not use any medical information that is attached to a racer.
    • Qualifying will occur from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the Friday before race day plus two qualifying races on Saturday morning of race day. The WMRC will work with WCSS to ensure the qualifying on the first weekend runs smooth.

    6. Next Meeting:

    March 11, 2013

    7. Meeting Adjourned: 8:38 p.m.
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    gio,i heard some mention from scott regarding weekend membership....did anything come of it?had to leave......

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