Meeting Minutes, April 8, 2013

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    April 8 2013

    7 members in attendance
    meeting called at 7:02 pm
    financial report $19900. In the bank
    a $6900. Check has been written, not yet cashed
    $1640. In amb account
    a good start to year


    most classes have been sponsored
    a few classes are still avaialbe to be sponsored.
    Contact promotions if you can help sponsor a class.
    Moto gp party went well on sunday, good attendance, prizes and a fashion show were featured along with the race.


    airfence advertizing is still available, you can sponsor an airfence

    programs will be available for hand outs to spectators for each race day. You can advertize in the program, yourself or your business.

    Question proposed if we were having a fundraiser party for the club this year?

    Options are being look at for future fundraisers.
    Focus is on amb system for fundraising.
    We hope to raise enough money in one year to purchase system.

    Old busness

    sound log
    gail will monitor on westcoast day and during practice sections.
    It is reminded to each rider when building your bike make sure every effort is made to control sound.
    Suggestion has been made to bring a stock can for replacment if needed for your bike so you can continue to race that day.
    It was proposed that sound log be posted in tech. Area for reference for the riders.
    Visiting riders are required to meet sound requirements as stated in rule book.
    Remember if you get faster you get louder.also cloud cover increases sound levels.
    The race day schedule has been presented to the executive. We will be posting this on line for racers for reference, subject to change.

    Bikes riden in classes need to be review when combining grids.this is to be done on a class by class basis in respect to entrant numbers and bikes used in each class.
    Race day morning will be when resolution is made on case-to-case bases.

    Daily review of lap times in each practice sesion for speed varience.
    A racer may not enter separate practice sesions just because he has two different you cannot do a lap time 1:12 in med practice.
    You must ride in your group or get permision from track director to ride in different group with a vest.

    New busness

    dyno will be at the track this year primaily for 250 class for testing top 5 will be held for testing.
    Manufactures promotion using dyno will be tied for street riders.

    Hay bale party went well.
    Thank you to all who came out to help.
    They are done!
    Container is clean and organized.
    Crash truck is now on site.

    Mike and ken will organize track set up.
    Hay bales off one trailer for trip bales. Air fence placed first.
    Hay bales fill in the gap.

    Spare container has been donated to the club. We are waiting for approval from the sports car club for placement.

    Volunteers are needed,
    coordinator is needed.
    Tom oates posted a volunteer requested on bc sports bikes.
    Thanks tom!

    Race school this weekend

    come out and say hi and introduce yourself to new riders and answer their questions. Help a new rider out. Be a mentor.

    invite a rider into a tent for some shade or out of the rain.

    We still need three tents for the corners. How about sponsor a tent

    we need containers to protect the fire extiqusers from damadge
    suggestion to make corner worker boxes that contain all materials needed for each corner in one tote.

    Meeting adjourned at 7:56pm
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    OMG, great idea about the totes for each corner, would save gobs of time getting the gear sorted and trackside.

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