Meeting Min for Feb 20, 2012

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    Meeting Min for Feb 20, 2012

    Call to order: 8:10pm

    Business arising from min:
    ? We did not get the June 30 July 1st weekend dates

    New Business:
    ? Season costs still high for the year, Insurance reduced only $400/yr with 4 rounds vs 8, Bales cost should be reduced as Mike has lead on $3 bales, We spent some $ purchasing the 6 new (to us) pieces of air fence
    ? We need cost on moving the new air fence from Calgary to Mission
    ? Work party for hay bales to be set
    ? Sun Mar 4 8am SCCBC work party
    ? Rule book is due by upcoming weekend
    ? Starter needed, Set Up co-ordinator needed,Teardown co-ordinator needed
    ? Season Passes for photographers to be created

    Treasures Report:
    ? Account should be ok with equal $ moving in as out in next month
    ? New 10% on pre-reg/pre-pay for season with no refunds

    ? Printing to be redone with new race dates
    ? Daytona Party will be attended with flyers and passes going out to tables, all are encouraged to join in and raise $ for the kids
    ? Metrics needed to determine the effectiveness of promotions
    ? Members suggested signage at Maple Ridge Motorsports
    ? Discussion about organizing a Scouts Canada fundraising event at the May weekend to include a BBQ night on SAT
    ? Discussion about maximizing exposure through community involvement, local motorcycle events, community events (Fathers Day Picnic - Mission) drag strip, social media and member involvement etc.

    Meeting Adjourned at 9:12

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