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    WMRC meeting minutes
    May 11 2015

    The regular meeting of the WMRC was called to order at 7:04 pm on May 11, 2015 in Langley by George Filis.

    2 members
    1 non member

    Executive Members present:
    Brett Hanson
    George Filis
    Andrew Marles

    Previous Business:
    Previous minutes read by Brett H, motion to accept the minutes as read by Andrew seconded by George Filis

    Treasurer’s report
    Current Balance is $24,068.87
    Looking at the first race weekend – we made money due to the school.
    Saturday was very disappointing for rider turnout.
    Sunday was better, but we still did not break even based on rider turnout.
    Monies still outstanding for radios and security.

    Report on first race weekend:
    We need more racers to come out. We really want to understand why people didn’t come out on good days. If May race days are not viable we may need to change our event structure next season.
    There was some discussion about doing hybrid track days like OMRRA, but it was decided that there wasn’t enough time to promote before the next race weekend.

    Promotions report:
    Need more consistent announcing. Georgie is working on finding more announcers.

    Spero and George are working on setting up a trailer for hay bale rides for kids, instead of the track walk. They are trying to get Rona to sponsor by donating the wood. Liability issues will be investigated.

    Bernie has confirmed he will be organizing the track walk for the Aug 3 race day.

    Potential meeting location change to Orange was discussed. Exec investigated for exec meeting but noise was an issue. For now meetings will continue at Ricky’s.

    George is setting up a motogp party for the club after the next race weekend.

    George will be selling shirts in his pit, we have currently sold out of size large. George will take orders and we will print more shirts if there is enough demand

    Discussed mechanisms for paying contingency money that has been deposited with the club. It was decided that cheques work fine and cash is too problematic.

    Motion to adjourn at 7:57 by Andrew Marles, seconded by George Filis.

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