March 2014 General Meeting Minutes

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    General Meeting
    March 10, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
    Ricky’s Restaurant, Langley, BC

    Scott Borthwick, President
    Mike Thompson, Vice President
    Bruce Aylen, Promotions
    Jason Hanson, Secretary

    15 members


    President Scott Borthwick called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

    2. MINUTES
    That the Minutes of the WMRC meeting held on February 10th , 2014, be accepted.
    Tony CARRIED

    3. FINANCIAL REPORT – Jayson Lynch
    $25,024.31 currently in the bank account
    The club made about $1000.00 between the bike show and Night of Champions. This is an estimated number as the exact details and figures are not complete at this time.
    There are lots of Invoices not paid yet. approximately around $2,000.00 worth of receivables.
    The club does not currently have any payables
    It was mentioned that the club will start spending money soon on season start-up expenses
    Compared to this time last year the club has approximately $6,000.00 more in the bank.

    4. PROMOTIONS REPORT –Bruce Aylen
    Busy delivering posters and cards.
    Promotions is open to suggestions as to where to drop of more material.
    Bruce passed around to the members present a list of all shops where promotional materials had been delivered looking for suggestions.
    Jason gave a brief description regarding the Night of Champions. Good fun and worth the time and money.

    Dean Drolet was asked to give a presentation on the Tag Heuer Track Intelligence system.

    The Dbcom decoder system is aging and the transponders work intermittently thus the system is not providing accurate timing and scoring and as such the system is labour intensive. This is why we switched to AMB decoder timing system.
    The current Pre-registration system is running on old, unsupported software on a server in Dean’s house. The system is old and starting to fail.
    The entire way we currently run an event is old and requires a lot of manual work and this causes delays and errors.
    The Tag Heuer Track Intel system is basically an event control system, it can handle everything for us.
    For example: Pre-registration & registration, and licensing. Store rider medical information, race timing and scoring as well as live timing and result posting, will create grid sheets, handle racer biographies, complete financials for the club. It is continually updated and warrantied, it is easy to use and training is provided. Most other race clubs such as Wmrra, Omrra, Cmra, Emra, Wera and AMA are currently using the system.
    It supports mobile entries so you can view and update your information using your phone.
    Bez will provide a hotspot for the wifi coverage so live timing can be used.
    The Tag Heuer system should reduce the work load on volunteers, make events run faster and reduce Dean’s own personal time and money spent on keeping the old system running.
    The cost to the club is a one time expense of $700.00 and then 3% of all entry fees.
    An example of the cost involved was described as, 3% of $250.00 (the race fee cap) is $7.50. Using the 2013 race entry fees collected the club would have paid ~$2,700.00 total for the year.

    The club will not be increasing fees to cover this expense.
    The floor was opened so that those who may be opposed to purchase of the Tag Heuer system be heard. There were none opposed.
    A member suggested that a motion be made for a vote regarding the purchasing of the new system, a vote was taken and was found to be in favour of buying the system, the motion to buy the system was accepted and carried.

    The Rules Committee process is ongoing but nearly complete. Marbod not present to comment but it's believed that the rule book should be finished soon.

    Anthony inquired if the club was interested in trying to promote the club through a radio ad. It was mentioned that the club has run ads before at great expense and it was determined then that the response was negligible. The club is currently not looking to pay a big expense for promotion as the goal is to try and reduce our overhead costs.
    It was mentioned that all members be reminded that they are the face of our club and they can help promote the club by promoting themselves.
    Anthony had an idea about promoting the club and local racers by going to local schools and talking to the kids and their parents about our racing to help raise awareness.

    The club is still looking into the possibility of buying radios and looking into the options. George has supplied some research suggesting the models of some radios and headsets to buy.
    It was mentioned that it’s tough to change something that works so well, as well are currently satisfied with the radio’s we are renting, however the club is interested in reducing overhead costs and this could possibly be an area.
    We currently pay $700.00 a weekend for everything related to the radios.
    It was suggested we buy 5 radios and headsets and see how they work. George was asked to put together a package for the purchase of the 5 radios all associated equipment for the executives.
    It was suggested that the club could talk to the current radio vendor and discuss with him our interest in buying our own radios and see what he has to say. He may have some suggestions, and this may help to keep favour with him.

    Pam & Mary Beth are still working on the new licenses. They are still waiting to get the new WMRC seal.

    Track set up and hay bale party will be announced soon.

    It was mentioned that we will need to purchase more plastic for bales.

    Anthony has a generator that he can donate to the club, however it does need to be fixed. He believes it should be an easy fix. He asked if anyone be interested in fixing it and having it available for club use. If they are they make arrangements with him to get the generator.

    Scott ) Mike That the meeting for the WMRC be adjourned at 8:26 p.m.

    Next meeting: Monday, April 14th.
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