March 13, 2017 Meeting Minutes

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    In addition to:
    Jason Hanson – President
    Brett Hanson – Treasurer
    Allan Hay – Vice President
    Jay Tait – Promotions
    Pam Black – Secretary

    Meeting was called to order at 7:08 by Jason Hanson

    Minutes from the January general meeting were read by Pam Black. Motion to accept was made by Jay Tait, seconded by Lu Veneziano.

    Treasurer Report:
    Our current bank balance as of March 1, was at $60,216.33. Current outstanding bills are the deposit for the BC Ambulance service, $1,989.85 an estimate of $10,000 for our insurance which comes due May 1 and the repairs for the crash truck and trailer $424.65 and $568327 respectively. Estimated balance after the outstanding payments is $49,223.41

    Jay Tait announced that MSpeed Performance will continue as a class sponsor this year, and that we are also adding SV Racing Parts and Moto Motion. In addition to that, our Race of Champions will be a two day event at our July round, with prize money of $3000 available.

    New Business:
    The Rule book has been updated and is now posted on the site. The changes to note for this year are as follows:

    Chapter 5-Technical Inspection and Machine Requirements
    5.7 Every racer shall have their own, or designated for the day, timing device (transponder)
    5.8 Every racer shall have their own number on the bike they are racing
    (Rule 5.7 and 5.8 dictate that in order for one bike to be shared with two people, each
    rider will have their own transponder and number)

    Chapter 7-Competition Classes and Compositions
    7.3 250 Production
    -Horsepower has been changed from 32 to 34
    7.7 Open Supersport
    -200 horsepower limited
    7.16 Supermoto
    -All machines from factory will be motard/motocross style
    -Maximum displacement of 650cc for single cylinder engines
    -Maximum displacement of 550cc for twin cylinder engines
    -Superbike rules (Chapter 9) will apply but applied to supermoto/motocross machines
    -Maximum rim diameter of 17”
    -No dual purpose tires, DOT or slick tires only
    -Handlebars must be of MX style-All bike preparation shall meet the rules outlined in Chapter 5
    -Belly pan shall be able to hold most of the engine oil. Stock engine guards with holes filled in with welded metal of fiberglass is accepted, as long as it holds most of the oil.There are also aftermarket guards on the market that hold oil.

    Chapter 8- Supersport Rules
    8.3 -Maximum HP rules apply 200RWHP for Open Supersport……
    8.28 -Aftermarket exhaust system may be used, but still have to conform to the 88 db limit.
    8.29 -If the upper triple and handlebars are cast from one piece (ie KTM RC390) you are permitted to change upper triple clamp ONLY to facilitate the addition of clip-ons for safety and easy repair.

    13.1(g) Yellow (stationary)
    -Marks the zone of “NO PASSING”
    -Note to novices: experienced racers, even though not passing,will probably not slow down much until the danger being flagged is actually seen. A racer slowing down abruptly in this situation runs the risk of being hit from behind by another closely following racer.

    The below section has been removed.
    Chapter 14 Race Points

    Any rider that starts a race (specifically, any rider that makes the starting grid and takes the race start flag) will be assigned a finishing position, and be awarded any associated points for that position regardless of whether they complete the full race or not. This is to differentiate, via points eligibility, between riders who do not finish (DNF) a race and those who do not start.
    -If a rider does not start, they are not assigned a finishing position, and they cannot earn points.
    -If a rider starts a race, but DNF’s, they will be assigned a finishing position and awarded any associated points for that assigned position according to the points structure.
    -Finishing position for DNF’s will be assigned as follows:
    - The first DNF in a race will be shown as the last place finisher for that race.
    - The second DNF of the race will be assigned second last place, and so forth.
    - If two riders DNF at the same time, either individually, or from a collision or other race incident forcing both riders out at the same time, their final result positions will be determined based on their relative track position on the last completed lap.

    Please carefully review the rule book to avoid encountering any surprises on race day!

    A reminder to purchase your race license ASAP, as your 2017 license will include your gate pass and will be required to enter race day events without having to pay at the gate. Please contact Pam Black for your license application as soon as possible.

    HAY BALE PARTY!!!!! Will be held on April 23!!!!! Please show up to help as this makes the work go much faster! A special thank you to Nick Goodall for volunteering again this year as Track Setup Coordinator.

    The trailers and crash truck have been repaired by Allan Hay and Nick Dudziak. Thank you so much for your time and effort, and to GIB Motors for the use of their shop space.

    Jay Tait proposed that we make past lap records available, and publish these for each class with the intent to update them each year. John Cathie offered to do some research into the past lap records.

    It is important to note that in the rule changes, sharing of transponders will no longer be permitted. As part of the discussion on this matter, a suggestion was made that the club look into the purchase of some transponders to be available for sale on race days. We will be discussing this further.

    In closing, we recently lost a member of our club, Tommy Oates, and there was discussion of offering a limited run of stickers in his memory. Sales would be matched by the club and donated to possibly Cancer Research, or other charity in his honor. Details will be announced in the near future.

    John Cathie motioned that the meeting be adjourned at 8:25, seconded by Allan Hay.

    Minutes submitted by Pam Black.


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