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    the lockwire section of the rule book makes reference to a table that doesn't exist. I would like to motion that it be clarified for future use of the rule book.
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    Just pasting this here so it is handy for the rulebook team:

    Jay Tait from wiki: When using a most common gauge of safety wire, which is .032", guidance for installation can be found in several publicly available sources.[3][4][5] identifies only 6 to 8 twists per inch. 43.13-1B has no other reference to twists per inch either by hand twisting with special tools.[6] identifies different twists per inch as. .020 - .025" 8-14 twists per inch, .032 - .041 6 - 11 twists per inch, .051" –.060" 4 - 8 twists per inch The safety wire should be threaded through the object fastener such that it creates tension in the opposite direction of the fastener's removal. For example, if a standard automotive bolt in the U.S. is being secured, then the safety wire when installed should put tension on the bolt in a clockwise direction, since that is the direction that the bolt turns to tighten.[7]

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