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    I'd suggest we run a lightweight (500cc) twins class the same time as the middleweight twins class. This would be for the 500cc bikes that are out there, including the newer CBR500 bikes, and it would be a bump up class for the 250-300cc bikes. These bikes are all already theoretically allowed on track at the same time in the F118 race so I don't think that there is too much of a safety concern. Right now the 500s are racing directly against the middleweights in this class, so this would at least give them their own class and championship to compete in (assuming they show up). It would also give someone running a GS500 or Ninja 500 a place to race outside of formula classic where they are outmached by a lot of the RZs and other fast yamaha FZR bikes. I think the Ninja 300 and the new KTM 390 might also be fairly competitive. I think it's better to put the rules in place in a way that doesn't affect anyone else so that people can see that they have a place to race before they buy a bike and prep it.
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