June 8 General Meeting Minutes

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    Meeting minutes from June 8, 2015

    In Attendance:

    Andrew Marles – President
    Brett Hanson – Treasurer
    Pam Black – Secretary
    George Filis – Promotions

    1 member in attendance.

    Meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Andrew Marles

    Minutes from previous meeting were read by Andrew Marles, accepted by Brett Hanson

    Brett Hanson reported that as of the end of May, the bank balance is $44,032.72 with $17,841 in accounts payable, leaving us with $26,191.72.

    We have decided to utilize the additional time in our race day schedule and will be promoting our next round on August 3 as a “Hybrid Day”. We will be including Track Day time for the Fast Street group only and with the following provisions ….

    Hybrid day requirements:
    1. Applicants must have run in Racer or Fast Street group at a Mission track day in the past two years, or an A group track day elsewhere in that timeframe. This is not an entry- level track day. No instruction is offered.
    2. Motorcycles must be at or above the following capacities: 650cc twins, 600cc triples and fours. Year 2000 or newer, of sport bike or “standard” style.
    Not allowed: Ninja 250/300, 125 GP, KTM 390, motards, vintage, cruisers, touring bikes.
    3. Valid driver’s license required (minimum age 18).
    4. Race License holders (WMRC, OMRRA, WMRRA, EMRA, etc) are not allowed to register for this event. This is not race practice

    …. This will be run in addition to our race event and will not reduce the time allocated for racing or practice times.

    Our August 3 race event is also Bernie’s Annual Track Walk for Children’s Hospital. George will be inviting the Greater Vancouver MC Club.

    More cards and posters will be available soon, please contact George if you need any.

    We could use a back up announcer, if you, or someone you know is interested, please let us know.

    The Motion to adjourn was made by Andrew Marles, and seconded by Steve Addison. Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.
    Minutes submitted by Pam Black.
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    just curious, what additional time is there on a race day? when will the street riders be slotted in? and how many sessions/ laps do they get? will there be any reduction in the laps allotted to any class of racers?
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    The additional time comes from the fact that there are not enough open novice riders to make up a grid, so those riders are racing in other suitable classes. Trackday riders will be riding in those time slots that are currently set aside for novice practice and races, so there will be 4 x 20 minute sessions. There are no scheduled reductions in laps for any other classes. Obviously if there are delays then there may be reductions in track time for all riders.

    On our last raceday we removed the novice sessions from the schedule and had 2 free races at the end of the day plus several extra bike pickups. We would like to do something more productive with that valuable track time.

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