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    WMRC General Meeting Minutes – July 11, 2016

    Members: 4
    In addition to:
    Jason Hanson – President
    Brett Hanson – Treasurer
    Steve McKenna – Vice President
    Jay Tait – Promotions
    Pam Black – Secretary
    Meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Jason Hanson.
    Due to technical difficulties, the meeting minutes from the June meeting were not available to read.
    Treasurer Report:
    Income reported for this month was $16.129.95 with our current bank balance as of July 10, 2016 standing at $43,381.56 and with estimated upcoming expenses of approximately $7,586, our balance should be around $35,795.
    Brett Hanson advised that we have received payment from Vancouver BMW for their upcoming customer appreciation day, not included in the above numbers.

    Promotions report:
    Jay Tait reported that Rising Sun will be supporting our upcoming track day on July 16th by providing swag and goodies for participants. Look for the Rising Sun guys in the pits and say hello.
    Reminder that July 17 is an awards round as well as the return of the Race Of Champions and Bernie’s Track Walk for Children’s Hospital.

    New Business:
    The race day schedule for the 17th of July will be amended to accommodate our extra activities. Changes include Novice practice sessions will be combined with the Slow/Medium practice sessions, Light Weight Supersport and race of champions running together as was done last year with middle Weight Twins being run independently. Please pay attention to the schedule on Sunday.

    A suggestion was made that in the future with regards to our track days that lunch be shortened to a half hour break vs a full hour, to allow an extra session if we are running 4 groups. It was pointed out that shortening the lunch break by 30 minutes would not equal the same amount of time as running an additional session. In addition to that, it was also noted that the time constraints in feeding the race staff in less than an hour. Every effort is made to run our track days as efficiently as possible to ensure that all groups get full sessions, but further discussion will happen regarding the track day schedule. One suggestion was that the race school be run independently on a different day, consideration will be given to this to see if it is a financially viable alternative for next season.

    Our race school is a sell out again, making us 100% for race school attendance since the WMRC began the program in 2015. In anticipation of the race schools for next year, we will be providing students from this season with a feedback form to submit, to give us an indication of where we can make improvements to the program.

    Rob Schoemeyer advised that he is still waiting for a reply from the Vancouver Island track regarding the track day that was offered to us as encouragement for our attendance at their grand opening event.

    We will be meeting again at the same location for our August 8th general meeting.

    There being no further business, a motion to adjourn was made by Rob Schoemeyer, seconded by Allan Hay seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

    Minutes submitted by Pam Black

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