January Exec meeting minutes/General membership meeting

Discussion in 'Events' started by Andrew Marles, Jan 9, 2015.

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    As usual, the general membership meeting will be 7pm at Ricky's in Langley on Monday January 12.

    The exec has been very busy lately with all the new developments, but I wanted to post a quick overview of our exec meeting from this week:

    1) Most of the discussion was around the dates for track days, schools and races which have now been posted.
    2) We appointed Steve Addison as our Rider Training Coordinator. He has generously volunteered his time to be the public point of contact for our rider training. He will be helping with the operations and organization of the schools, as well as signing people up and answering any questions over the phone or via email.
    3) We discussed some options for filling out the parking-lot portion of the rider training and we are working towards having all of these dates in place in time for the bike show. This is one of the top priorities for the exec other than the bike show itself.

    For the general meeting, here is a rough idea of our agenda beyond the minutes from the last meeting:

    1) Discussion about dates
    2) WCC promotions - The WMRC is going ahead with the WCC, but we need to ensure that we improve rider participation at Castrol over last year.
    3) Bike show - we are good for volunteers, but we may want to try to get additional promotional material from the membership (background, videos, bikes etc.)

    Thanks everyone and I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting.
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    any news on the WCC front?
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    i believe colin is talking in regards to any news on commitment from riders coming to the castrol rounds in july.

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