I finally got the pin removed from my Tibia!

Discussion in 'General Racing Chat' started by spero, Jan 29, 2014.

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    So here's the story, I had a nasty highside during a race in Oct on 2003 where I broke my Tibia/Fibula and had been on the fence about having it removed. About 6 years ago I got talked out of it by the Ortho that did the follow up care.

    During last racing season I started the process of having it removed so the surgery would fall on the off season and since I was fortunate enough to win a few WMRC Championships last season I took it as a sign that it was the right decision.

    So I had the surgery today and even though there's some pain the leg feels better already! The thing that gets me though is all this time I thought it was a nice lightweight Titanium rod, but turns out it's STAINLESS STEEL! The thing must weigh over 3/4 of a pound!

    Moral of the story is if this ever happens to you be like Rossi and get the hardware out sooner rather than later!

    Can't wait till the season starts!!

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    Your such a wimp Spero, sheesh. :rolleyes:

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