Helite; Air Bag Vests and Jackets for Awesome Rider Protection

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    Hi Everyone, SV Racing Parts has the Helite Air Bag Vests and Jackets for Awesome rider protection. The Turtle Vest is the best choice for racers and track day riders but I also have the full line of accessories and Jackets as well for more street focused riders.
    Check out the Video Links to get a real idea of what a Helite Air Bag system can do for you in an unplanned mishap and get off situation, Click on the Helite Youtube Channel to view.


    These are not inexpensive and I like to help out my fellow WMRC members and Racers whenever I can so I have put together a special promotional deal for everyone. Email me Directly at b.layton@svracingparts.com and I will reply back to your email with the promotional details and offer for you,

    MAP Rules mean that the offered price and deal cannot be posted up as only MSRP Prices are allowed to be quoted online or in print.

    These are excellent parts that will serve you very well,

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