Great weekend everyone!

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    Hi everyone!

    I hope everyone enjoyed the awesome weekend of racing, and the good news is that we get to do it all again in 9days!
    if you are attending the trackday before, please sign up at

    round #1 results are here

    I have opened up all of the rounds to pre-register for the upcoming races.

    PLEASE register for all the rounds and avoid the $50 late registration fee if you do not.

    any questions, please let us know...and remember, you DO NOT get charged untill you see us the morning of the event!

    see you in T-9 days
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    To piggyback on your post Al, here's my blurb on the weekend:

    The long anticipated opening to the WMRC'S 2017 season kicked off last weekend with great success.
    We welcomed a new group of awesome novices to our club with the completion of another New Racer School on Saturday. The weather proved to be a challenge, but our students were up to the task and handled it perfectly. We did have a small problem with the some slippery fluid dropped on the track but we were able to negotiate this problem with only minor delays. Everyone, please use this as a reminder to closely inspect your machines to ensure that this doesn't happen in the future.

    For our first round on Sunday we were finally greeted with some nice weather! As was to be expected with the first events of the season there were a couple small bumps in the road but overall they were quite minimal and handled quickly. Spurred on by the dry track the racing was fast and intense and may have even left Ted speechless for a moment or two! Once again we've proven that we can put on a good show.

    We're happy to report that the new registration system as well as the improvements in Timing & Scoring worked quite well. Registration line ups will only continue to be reduced if everyone remembers to pre-register.

    I'm proud to be lending a hand in running these events, it always brings a smile to my face to be surrounded by my friends doing what we love to do. This club is a great example of what can happen when everyone pulls together to make something bigger than themselves.. With that being said please remember to schedule yourself some time to lend a hand with track setup and tear down. Many hands make light work!

    Onto the next rounds:
    There's still time to save $25 by registering in advance for the May 20th track day.

    Rounds 2&3 of the 2017 WMRC championship will be on May 21 & 22.

    Remember to do your part and register in advance at

    We will be doing track setup on Friday, May 19th at 5pm. Come lend a hand.

    This will also be the first two rounds of the Western Canadian Gold Cup Championship. The Gold Cup races will be run with the 250 Production races, so make sure to sign up for 250 Production to enter the Gold Cup Championship.

    We will be showing the Le Mans Motogp race in the pits Sunday night, So bring a chair and join in the fun!

    Did I miss anything?


    Actually! Thanks Bernie I can't believe in this long post I didn't remember to thank our volunteers! hangs head in shame [​IMG]:(
    We can't put on these events without our volunteers in the corners helping to make sure everyone is safe. We have a great crew of dedicated people that return every time to work our events. Thank you for all your help! we can't do it without you!
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