Fleece Tire Warmer Blanket Covers

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    :) Hi Everyone, I have the last 10 sets of the Fleece Tire Warmer Blanket Covers that we will be bringing in. The manufacturer is discontinuing sewing these so when they are gone it will be the end of them.

    Sized to work on all our tires from SuperMoto to SuperBike. They are $60 a set all in and I can ship them directly to you or you can pick them up at the track,


    These are the hot ticket to retaining your tire warmer heat and driving it to the rims for super effective use of your tire warmers,

    Anytime there is wind or any chill in temperature you should have these on your warmers, whether you have Chicken Hawk, Bickle, Moto-GP or any other brand, Tire Warmer Blankets will get you your monies worth out of your Tire Warmers,

    No Pm on these please, Email me Directly at b.layton@svracingparts.com and I will get you looked after right away,

    Enjoy the ride, and best regards,
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