Final 2017 Round Pazzo Giveaway

Discussion in 'Racing at Mission' started by Jaybo, Aug 4, 2017.

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    This just in! For the final race round this coming Monday, August 7th Pazzo Racing will be giving away a set of levers to the winner of each race! I'm absolutely floored by the generosity of this offer, thanks so much for supporting the club and the racers Markus and Pazzo Racing!

    A couple of small conditions:
    There will be 1 set of levers offered for each race but the limit is 1 set to be won per racer. If racer x wins three races, he gets 1 set of levers.
    Novice open will be a single hat draw.

    Thanks again Pazzo Racing and may everyone be as lucky as I'm going to need to be!

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    Thanks Markus!. So is this a double points race day as well?

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