February 2018 Meeting Minutes

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    In addition to:
    Allan Hay – President
    Jason Hanson – Past President
    Jeremy Karlson – Vice President
    Brett Hanson - Treasurer
    Pam Black – Secretary

    Meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Allan Hay

    Minutes from the January general meeting were read by Pam Black. Motion to accept was made by Rob Schoemeyer, seconded by Andrew Marles

    Treasurer Report:
    Brett Hanson advised our current bank balance as of February was $102,373.83. Income from January was $13,866 and outstanding bills include printing (posters, cards forms etc) and Radio Rentals from July/August 2017 leaving an estimated balance of $100,289.41

    Promotions Report:
    Allan reported on behalf of Jay Tait:

    We have been posting club sponsor info on our WMRC Facebook page. If you see a sponsor that you recognize or a class that you race in please like and share those posts. These will continue for the month of February. Please also get out and visit your sponsors before the season begins, they will appreciate your thank you’s.

    Reminder to order up your WMRC shirts/hoodies! We are in the process of trying to set up a menu in MSR for ease of ordering.

    We will be looking for volunteers to distribute club posters. If interested please contact us at wmrcpromotions@Gmail. com This is a perfect excuse to visit your sponsors.

    We have submitted a nomination to have the WMRC considered for the Canadian motorcycle hall of fame. The 2018 hall of fame banquet is in Burnaby this year on November 17. You can make a nomination online at Canadianmotorcyclehalloffame.CA

    If you have pics of you and your motorcycle from a WMRC event please share them with the hashtag #officialwmrc We are on instagram as officialwmrc.

    We have received an invitation from the Victoria Supermoto club to race with them at their member rates. The member cost for non race nights is $20 the fee for drop in is $35 WMRC members traveling from Vancouver would pay the member fee of $20. Tuesday night race fees are an additional $20 to race on top of the regular fees. This gives one two races with an optional two more races in the mini class if the rider has a mini bike that meets the qualifications of what constitutes a mini within the Victoria Supermoto club. This will exclude the Saturday night racing. Please note that street bikes are not eligible to run at this track. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Calvin van Elsakker, president of the Supermoto Club.

    The PCMRC has graciously offered to accept WMRC licenses this season, so if you have a WMRC license, it will not be necessary for you to purchase an additional license with the PCMRC.

    Rob Schoemeyer announced that Vancouver BMW will again be hosting a customer appreciation track day and barbecue this season. Thank you to both Rob, and to Vancouver BMW!

    New Business:
    John Cathie advised that our timing system has the ability to offer live timing to our cell phones if we run a separate server. We will investigate the costs and benefits further.

    On a similar topic, we are still (always) in need of laptops and monitors in good working condition. If you have something we can use, please bring it to an upcoming meeting or to the hay bale party.
    Reminder, Hay Bale party is April 29th!!

    Congratulations to Cam Tardi and his wife on the new arrival of their baby daughter. We look forward to seeing the new recruit in timing and scoring!

    Thank you to everyone who volunteered at the bike show, and to all those who attended and a thank you to Jeff at Glasswerx for providing us with the plexiglass for the table in our booth.

    If you did not purchase your race license at the bike show, please take care of this ASAP! Your number will NOT be held indefinitely! Once your license is purchased, be sure to go into MSR to update your account with any new bike or transponder information.

    A reminder to racers who plan on attending the May 18th Racer Track Day, you MUST register for this through MSR!!!!

    Race School is very close to being sold out for the May session. If you are interested, register now or risk disappointment!

    Please be sure to review the 2018 Rulebook. There have been changes made to tech requirements among other things.

    Allllllllllllllllan Hay motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:11, seconded by Jeremy Karlson.

    minutes submitted by Pam Black.
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    Thanks to whoever mentioned that! Junior timing and scoring rep is currently resting up for the season, though we may have some issue understanding her on the radio...
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    i counted the "L's"and looks like you are missing at least 1 :p
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    duly noted.

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