February 2017 Meeting Minutes

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    WMRC General Meeting Minutes – February 13

    Members: 5
    Non Members: 1

    In addition to:
    Brett Hanson – Treasurer
    Allan Hay – Vice President
    Jay Tait – Promotions
    Pam Black – Secretary

    Meeting was called to order at 7:03 by Allan Hay

    Minutes from the January general meeting were read by Pam Black. Motion to accept the previous minutes was made by Rob Schoemeyer, seconded by Jay Tait.

    Treasurer Report:

    Our current bank balance as of February 1, was at $60,797.79. Current outstanding bills are the deposit for the BC Ambulance service, $1,989.85 and an estimate of $10,000 for our insurance which comes due May 1. Estimated balance after the outstanding payments is $48,807.94


    The bike show was a great success, and we would like to give a big thank you to everyone that helped out in the booth and again to Graphics Unlimited for our new banner. We are also pleased to announce that our first race school of the year is already sold out.

    Jay Tait announced that Parts Canada is interested in having a presence at the track by providing us with some swag. They have also indicated that they may be able to offer some savings to racers by the way of us placing “bulk buy” orders. If you are interested in this, please contact Jay Tait for further information.

    Rob Schoemeyer announced that Vancouver BMW has expressed interest in hosting another Customer Appreciation Day at our August 8th Track date and will again provide us with a BBQ lunch.

    New Business:

    Brett Hanson is continuing with the testing and configuration of the Motorsports Reg system.

    Rob Schoemeyer advised that the rule book committee has met with a delay but that the rule book will be ratified by the March meeting and any changes will be posted at that time.

    Allan Hay advised that we have signed a contract with Spartan Security for this season. Spartan has offered us substantial savings and will be providing us with more actual security than has been made available in previous years.

    It is important to note that there will no longer be access to the facility after 11pm, without the preauthorization of a WMRC executive member. In addition, you will be required to present your race license and a piece of ID if entering after 11pm.

    A reminder to purchase your race license ASAP, as your 2017 license will include your gate pass and will be required to enter race day events without having to pay at the gate. Please contact Pam Black for your license application as soon as possible.

    Allan also mentioned that Graphics Unlimited (see new banner) is also able to do bike graphics. We are going to contact them for the tech stickers as well, to see if there is any savings available there.

    The repair of the trailers and crash truck has been postponed due to the recent inclement weather but will be dealt with as soon as possible. The air fence is all in good condition and there are no repairs anticipated at this time.

    HAY BALE PARTY!!!!! Will be held on April 23!!!!! Please show up to help as many hands make light work! A special thank you to Nick Goodall for volunteering again this year as Track Setup Coordinator.

    It was announced that your rider reps for this year will be:

    Nick Dudziak – Novice

    Dean Thompson – Expert

    Sean Durrell – Formula Classic

    Jay Tait motioned that the meeting be adjourned at 7:45, seconded by Nick Goodall

    Minutes submitted by Pam Black.
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    Security improvements sound great. Thanks for posting the minutes Pam.
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    Thanks pam!
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