Engine Covers on SV650 Bikes at Stratotech

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    :) Hi Everyone, If you are planning on riding an SV650 at Stratotech on the July 12th race date you need to know that both Gen 1 and Gen 2 SV650 require the Clutch Side Engine Guard installed, This has been for two years now, Think of Engine Guards at Stratotech the way WMRC Views OEM Exhausts,

    All of the EMRA Riders on Gen 2 SV650 have what is necessary to install the Engine covers, Here is what is involved, It is a relatively simple mod to do.

    You need to acquire the inner right side clutch cover from a Gen 1 SV650.

    When you remove the Gen 2 Plastic Clutch Cover you bolt the Gen 1 SV650 Inner Clutch Cover Directly to it,

    That allows you to bolt the Woodcraft or any other Race Approved Clutch Cover Directly to your Gen 2 SV650 and you are good to go to pass tech,

    I have lots of all the required parts for our bikes in stock now and can get the requisite parts for anyone with a Gen 2 SV650 wanting to go to Stratotech and pass tech in time if you act now.

    I do the track support at Stratotech and have been involved with providing the Mandatory Engine Covers since it became mandatory two years ago,

    Let me know if I can help you out by Emailing me Directly at b.layton@svracingparts.com and I will get you looked after right away,

    Enjoy the ride, and best regards,
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    Thanks for the heads up Blair. I just picked up both left and right side engine covers.

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