Daytona Party, gone, but not all gone.

Discussion in 'Open Forum' started by Bernie, Feb 27, 2015.

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    Dec 9, 2005
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    As a few of you may have noticed, there is no Daytona Party this year.
    There are numerous reasons, the drive being one of them for me. And filling the Shark Club coffers was another. I thought I would exit on top. There was a few less people last year, and it's the same work for 200 as it is for 400, but a little less exciting.

    In the end, we raised over $131,000 to support kids with cancer at BCCH, and their families. I'm proud of what this great group of volunteers accomplished.
    15 years, and if you add the $30,000 I raised for the WMRC, that's a lot of work. And stress.
    So.....I'm starting something in Kelowna! I can walk home from the event, and the manager jumped on board with all kinds of help right off the bat ;-)
    I'm just getting started, but if you want to follow along

    The grand prize is a steel work bench, complete with an air package, welder, and plasma cutter. We're still working on everything, but I always manage to pull it off.

    There are so many people to thank, but if you've been to them, you have already been through the list. Sometimes I think people didn't realize how supportive and generous local shops were, even through some lean years. Yes, there were some cheap ass pricks, but mostly big hearts. Burnaby Kawasaki, Modern Motorcycling and Imperial Motorcycles were with us for all 15.

    If you made it even once, passed on the good word, donated, I thank you again for your generosity and help.

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    Awesome job Bernie, thanks for everything!:bow:
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    Jan 24, 2009
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    Big Big Big shout outs to you Bernie! Thank you for supporting such a good cause for the past 15 years and for supporting the club along the way. You truly have your heart in the right place and I wish you all the best in the future. Rest assured, your work will go on in some capacity with Claude putting on the motogp kickoff party this march and will be supported by the WMRC.

    Love to have you back for another Track walk with the kids this year, I'll keep in touch to see how we can make this happen.

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