Custom-Made Earplugs $70.00 for Racers and Riders

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    May 19, 2011
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    I would like to introduce HearSmart Solutions as a new sponsor. We have a lot of experience fitting Custom-Made Earplugs for everyone and anyone who rides on two wheels, even those old school 3 wheeler riders. You may recognize us from the Vancouver Motorcycle Show at the Tradex this year. Basically, we want to fit everybody with custom silicone earplugs and we will be honoring the $70.00 pricing for basic earplugs from the Motorcycle tradeshow.

    For those who love top notch high-end audio..... we are the only manufacturer in Western Canada of Custom-Made Sports and Music Monitors. Bottom line.... the sound will be better than any other headphone you have seen or heard. Having custom-made Sports Monitors means perfect and comfortable headphones that actually fit under your helmet. Our prices are cheaper than anything else you can find out of the States.

    Check out our goods at
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