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    So I have had a few discussions with people throughout the year regarding various classes, both with the WMRC and elsewhere, and how their rules are set up to limit HP modifications. At the WMRC, we have both horsepower limits enforced by random dyno testing, as well as supersport rules that are essentially enforced through the motor teardown protest procedure. Both mechanisms have their pros and cons, with dyno testing being easy to cheat but easy to enforce and motor teardowns being hard to cheat but also hard and expensive to enforce. Also noteworthy is how you can spend thousands to build an SS legal motor that is unreliable vs a built motor with superbike parts that will run for years. Both have similar power, but one is actually a lot easier for a club racer to build and maintain.

    I'm curious if people have other suggestions as to how we can accomplish the following, often contradictory goals:

    1) Limit the power level of certain classes to ensure that all bikes are competitive.
    2) Limit the modifications of certain classes to help limit the cost of racing competitively.
    3) In both cases, enforce the competition rules effectively.

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