Brand New KAYO MiniGP MR125 Full Race Package, Ready to Go Today

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    :) Hey everyone, if you are thinking MiniGP Racing at GMR as your way to get all the track time you can stand and really bring your riding up to a whole new level; Then this if for you!!

    I have one of the KAYO MiniGP MR125 Full Race Package Bikes, Ready to Go Today; Brand New: in White Gel Coat.

    Here is a shot of Misti Hurst on one of my KAYO MiniGP MR125 testing it out for her recent articles on the bike, Check our MOJO Magazine and watch for a US Magazine released article very soon,

    At the Bike Show:

    The Fully Race Prepped Bike comes complete with Frame Sliders, Axle Sliders, Swing Arm Sliders Package to make the bike meet tech at GMR and Mission as well.

    The Fully Race Prepped Bike Also comes complete with A Quick Turn Throttle, SV Racing Parts Lap Timer. OEM Rear Sets and Seat, And With the Larger Rider Adult Seat Package and the Black Custom Aftermarket Rear Sets as well, and Clip On Bars with Bar End Sliders, Full Bodywork, and the SV Racing Parts Tuning Package installed with Jet Kit.

    Also Comes with the OEM triangle stock stand and with a custom SS Rear Stand for MiniGP Bikes so that you can lift the bike for Chain lube and Tire changes,

    Super Priced in Canadian $ and here in Vancouver for pick up now.

    Need Storage at GMR in Chilliwack to keep the bike? I can arrange an annual Rental on Privately Divided 10' Container Space very inexpensively for you to keep the bike at GMR and Ride anytime you like, 365 days per year,

    Email me Directly at No PM Please. If you include a contact phone number I will be happy to give you a quick call to briefly discuss the bike and Storage and how MiniGP Riding will take your own big bike riding to a whole new level.

    These are awesome bikes you will really enjoy and benefit from owning and riding,

    Check them out in Spain:

    BTW: Jorge Lorenzo uses one of these as his MiniGP Training bike!!

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