Bernie's Daytona Party for the BCCH

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    I hope all is well with everyone. For some a hello, but for most of you, I need your help!
    March 17th is fast approaching.

    I have posted any prizes I know about at the usual places, such as;!/BerniesDaytonaParty (please like and share)!/events/511629565526621/ (please attend and invite friends) (because not everyone is one facebook!)

    I know some of you have lots of 2-wheeled friends. A few minutes, a simple email, it will go a long way to helping out.
    Last year saw a few less people, so we have to push a bit harder this year.

    If you are a sponsor, I would love to get the momentum back by splashing your prizes around!
    If you have sent me the info, now is the time to talk about it.

    Everyone else, if you can, please get out and grab a ticket.

    I have done all I can do, and now it is up to you! I need some help to make this work, and I appreciate your valuable time.
    Together we can have some fun, do some good, and enjoy a little motorcycle love too!

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