August 2016 General meeting minutes

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    WMRC General Meeting Minutes – August 8,2016


    Members: 7

    In addition to:

    Jason Hanson – President

    Brett Hanson – Treasurer

    Steve McKenna – Vice President

    Jay Tait – Promotions

    Pam Black – Secretary

    Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Jason Hanson.

    July 11 meeting minutes read by Pam Black, motion to accept minutes made by Rob Schoemeyer. Seconded by Allan Hay

    Treasurer Report:

    Income reported for this month was $31,338.70 with our current bank balance as of July 10, 2016 standing at $64,874.23 and with estimated upcoming expenses of approximately $12,340.21, our balance should be around $52,534.

    Promotions report:

    Jay Tait reported that promotions will be celebrating all podium finishers on our social media over the next 5 weeks, and requested that we all “share” those posts as they come up.

    New Business:

    Jason Hanson expressed a big thank you to Vancouver BMW for their support of our August 2nd track day by hosting their Customer Appreciation event with us. Special thanks also to Rob Schoemeyer, Brett Cella, Nick Dudziak and Quentin Cyre for their excellent barbeque skills and for getting us all fed in record time.

    A huge thank you to the many volunteers who stayed behind for track teardown!

    Feedback from the August 2 track day was that the sessions were of appropriate length. There was further discussion on how best to split the groups and the suggestion was made to consider making the Track Days a Street Rider and Rider school day, and having an independent Track Day for Racers only. Discussions will continue to try to find the best solution.

    The second piece of air fence requiring repair has been sent out and should be ready in time for the September 17 track day. The first piece appears to have been repaired in a very satisfactory manner. Thank you to Allan Hay for organizing that!

    Allan has also volunteered to look into updating and repairing the beds and wheels of our flat deck trailers. We are also interested in updating our crash truck, or replacing it if anyone has one they would like to donate.

    There was a request for clarification on our requirements for coaching. If you offering to help a fellow rider at no charge, that is fine. “Buddy” coaching is absolutely acceptable. IF however, you are accepting money for your coaching this MUST first be cleared with the WMRC executive. There are strict insurance requirements for this type of coaching, and no exceptions will be made. If you are interested in receiving additional coaching on the track, please contact a member of the WMRC executive and we will make arrangements for you.

    George Filis suggested a new venue for our general meetings and this will be investigated. It should be noted that our current meeting place was intended to be temporary, until we could find a location that would not charge us for the use of their space.

    The WMRC family would like to extend our best wishes and concerns towards Steve Addison and his family.

    There being no further business, a motion to adjourn was made by Rob Schoemeyer, seconded by Allan Hay. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

    Minutes submitted by Pam Black

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