August 2014 General Meeting Minutes

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    General Meeting
    Aug.11th, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
    Ricky’s Restaurant, Langley, BC


    Scott Borthwick, President
    Bruce Aylen, Promotions
    Mike Thompson, Vice President
    Jayson Lynch, Treasurer

    11 members 4 non members

    President Scott Borthwick called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

    2. PROMOTIONS REPORT –Bruce Aylen

    Good feedback from postcards 43 returned at the gate over last race weekend. 5000 have been handed out this year.
    Bruce will be arranging banquet tickets and they will be available asap and at the next meeting as well. The 2014 year end banquet will be on October 18th and will be once again at the Newlands Golf Course in Langley. Tickets will be $50.00, same price as last year.

    3. FINANCIAL REPORT - Jayson Lynch
    The current bank balance is $28,451.00
    The race entries from the last round were $15,800.00, the gate brought in $3,300.00 for an approximate profit of $3,800.00
    $10,000 outstanding

    Timing concerns, John Cathie and Dean… issues with hardware have been addressed. There were problems with timing being incorrect or non-existent at the race weekend. Dean mentioned that the loop in the track is putting back noise because of the cuts in the loops. Repairs will be made to the timing strips and the September round should be better
    On-line results are now correct.
    Mention was made again about the urgency of pre registration on line!! Plans to try and speed up morning registration are to have 2 line ups next race day, one for racers who have pre registered and a line up for those who did not, or could not. Jayson Lynch will print the tech slips and will confirm by email with everyone who pre registers on line.

    Scott Borthwick announced a new class in the WMRC for the 2015 season. In keeping with current trends, this new class will be for small bore bikes including PCMRC motards and 125 gp bikes as a wave behind the 250C class. it will have 6 rounds including Mission, Greg Moore Raceway and in Quesnel. This class may have a lower age limit. (pending confirmation from insurance company)
    Due to the size of these bikes a chicane is being discussed for the front straight for this class only, Paul Ludwig the president of PCMRC was in attendance and will be discussing this class with the PCMRC racers at their next event on the 24th of August.

    The annual WMRC AGM is November 10th, 2014.

    Dean Drolet motioned the closing of the meeting
    Seconded by Mike Thompson
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    The timing loop has been repaired and I worked the Vintage races this past weekend for SCCBC. The noise levels had dropped from the mid-50's (which was what I was getting on our race weekend to 5-6 and at times 21-22 this past Saturday and Sunday. Much, much better. Thanks to Marc Ramsay with SCCBC for completing the loop repair.

    If the other issues have been suitably addressed, I'm looking forward to a much less stressful weekend in September.

    I was very pleasantly surprised to hear from Dean how Ted and Paul were able to get live scoring information on their phones while they were announcing. Impressive.

    Now if only everyone would pre-register we'd have it made in the shade.
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    if is new class why r they start behind 250?
    250 currently have more then 15 racer - I understand the gp/motard time r close to 250 but why?
    Their are class have less than 5 bike so i do not agree put them on grid behind 250.

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