80 series radials?

Discussion in 'Tech Area' started by seandcontracting, Jul 6, 2015.

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    Does any slick tire manufacturer do an 80 series radial? My bike originally came with a 110/80 front and 130/80 rear bias ply. I've run every bias tire known to man and they suck compared to my Rosso 2 I've used for four years-a brilliant tire hot, cold or wet. My bike(s) love them. The pirellis however are 110/70 and 140/70 so I lost almost an inch of ground clearance upright, and because the radial profiles are more rounded, it gets worse as I lean over. I can't bring up my belypan anymore without setting it on fire from the exhaust lol! I need a bit of extra height so any input is appreciated. Thanks to all, be happy, racedays are coming!
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    Do you have any room to raise the bike up by pushing the forks into the triple and shimming the rear shock? That will get the ride height back up. You can also talk to Marbod about what race tires or good supersport street tires are taller. although 2 tires might have the size listed as 110/70, they can be 2 different circumferences.

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